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what is Divi SuperTabs?

Divi SuperTabs is a module to allow you to create a variety of Tab layouts without needing extra CSS. You can easily add icons, use library items and move the navigation to the top, right, bottom or left. We’ve also included some simple layouts that don’t require an additional library item. Just build and go!

With SuperTabs, it’s easy to create beautiful, tabbed menu layouts. Easily create a “monthly/annual” pricing comparison. Or perhaps you’d like to present annual statistics. The possibilities are endless! Another handy feature is the ability to create a tab that simply opens a link in a new tab. For example, maybe you want to link an accompanying PDF document.

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Divi SuperTabs Features

What does it do?

Divi SuperTabs features

Make sure you read and understand the basics.
Navigation Placement
  • To move the tabs above, below or beside the content, go to Design-> Nav Settings -> Nav Placement. That’s it!
Library Layouts
  • To use a library layout, just create a new layout. Make sure to use “Tabs Content” for the category, and “Layout” as the type. In your new tab, select Library Item and then choose the Layout you’d like to use. *Using SuperTab design settings could override your Library Layout design settings, so be careful!*

Tabs on the left…

So easy to make…

Just one setting…

You can do it too!

Inset Tabs? What the..?
  • This feature, found in the layout toggle, lets you put your tabs in the same frame as your tab content!
  • If using text, you may need to add some padding, depending on where your nav is located.
  • You can also add margin to the tabs navigation in Nav Settings to add space around the bar to really get the full effect!
  • This feature reverts to stacking the items above the content when screen resolution is below 768px

Premade Layouts

  • These may not seem too exciting, but if you’d like a quick “blurb” feel in your tab, this will get you there quickly and without having to go create a separate library layout!
  • More layout options will be released in future updates.
Why aren't my library items showing?
To help keep you organized, the drop down only pulls library items that are saved as “layout” and are in the “Tabs Content” category. If you’ve done this and nothing is appearing still, first re-save your permalinks then clear any and all caches. If this still isn’t helping, please contact support.
Can I show just an icon in the tab?

Yes! Just don’t put in a title and you’re all set!
Additionally, you can choose to hide text or icon on mobile if your tabs are getting too long. Just choose the appropriate setting under the Tab Settings toggle.

For More Information

If you have any further questions about Divi SuperTabs that aren’t answered above, go ahead and check out the Superfly knowledgebase. You might even find out something you never thought of!